Mini Masters

SPRING 2012: 10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

$30 (semester fee) per child for members at the family level and above

$40 (semester fee) per child for non-members

1. February 8:

Create a Greek vase using crayon and tempera paint.

2. February 22

Create a folk art sculpture out of clay.

3. March 7:

Learn about Georgia O’Keeffe and create your own 3-D flowers.

4. March 21:

Design and decorate your own kite.

5. April 11:

Learn how to write your name in Chinese characters with ink and a bamboo brush.

6. April 25:

Make your own folk art painting on plexiglass.

7. May 2:

Explore On the Silk Road and the High Seas: Chinese ceramics, culture, and
commerce and create a dragon puppet.

8. May 16:

Collect leaves in Bailey’s Woods and create leaf prints.

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