An Evening with the Artist: Maude Schuyler Clay & Langdon Clay

Laundromat (left) by Langdon Clay and Dog in Fog by Maude Schuyler Clay

Laundromat (left), 1977 by Langdon Clay and Dog in the Fog, 1997 by Maude Schuyler Clay.


Maude Clay (left) and Langdon Clay

December 5, 2019

6:00 p.m.



Married for 40 years this past September, the Clays have both made careers as published photographers and are included in collections around the globe. Despite both having careers spanning more than 50 years, the couple has never exhibited their work side-by-side in a museum or gallery before now. Please join us for a lecture and walkthrough of the Clay’s current exhibit: Two Lives in Photography.