On Loan


Untitled. Gift of Helen Tudor Robinson

The Orpheus Relief Project is a collaboration between the Georgia Museum of Art and the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia and the University of Mississippi Museum and Historic Houses. The project involves the public exhibition and interdisciplinary study of an important but little-known marble relief sculpture with possible vestiges of ancient painting.  This exciting endeavor uses cutting-edge technology of hyperspectral imaging to illuminate the painting and other microscopic materials on the relief’s sculpted surfaces. The Orpheus Relief returns to the Museum at the end of April 2013.


Hamblett Hill, 1965. Bequest of Theora Hamblett

From March 23-June 23, 2013, Symbols of Faith, Life and Beyond:
The Art of Theora Hamblett will be on exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of Art on loan from the University of Mississippi Museum. This exhibition highlights all three of Theora Hamblett’s collections: Old Home Memories, Childhood Games, and Dreams and Visions. We are very excited to share one of our prized artists and collections with broader audiences.