Friends of Theora

JANUARY 17, 2023 – DECEMBER 9, 2024

Painting. "Jacob’s Ladder," ca. 1951-1955, by Stuart Purser

Jacob’s Ladder, ca. 1951-1955, by Stuart Purser

Most people know Theora Hamblett for her paintings of her childhood memories, dreams, visions, and her faith; however, this exhibit examines the external influence of other artists that inspired Hamblett as an emerging artist, student, and observational painter searching for her own artistic voice. Many of the works on view were from her personal collection, collected through art exchanges with artists that she befriended.

Friends of Theora can be viewed in person in the Lower Skipwith Gallery. This exhibit is also available online: Friends of Theora Hamblett















‘Friends of Theora’ on Display at University Museum