The Paintings of John McCrady

The Square, 1968, by John McCrady

The Square, 1968


MARCH 22 – JULY 23, 2022

Born on September 11, 1911, John McCrady was born in Canton, Mississippi, and with few exceptions, remained a Southern artist. He lived in Oxford, MS when his father got a job as a Philosophy professor at the University. At the age of 21, McCrady attended the New Orleans School of Art’s Arts and Crafts Club. He also studied at the New York Art Students League and at the University of Pennsylvania. After marrying Mary Basso in 1939, he opened the John McCrady School of Art. During his career, McCrady worked for the Federal Art Project, painting a mural on the Amory, MS post office, as well as other federal buildings. He also created a series of war posters under the Works Progress Administration, though those posters received such negative criticism that McCrady took a decade long break from consistent art production. When he began to paint again, his work focused more on New Orleans, Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, and Southern rural life, forgoing his previous attentions to the Southern Black community. His works are housed in the Georgia Museum of Art, the Saint Louis Art Museum, Louisiana State Museum, University of Mississippi Museum. Before his death in 1968, McCrady finished three murals for the Bank of Oxford.

Theora Hamblett: Holy Symbols

Butterfly With Exploded Wing, 1959, oil on canvas

Butterfly With Exploded Wing, 1959


JANUARY 2 – MAY 28, 2022

Theora Hamblett’s work is often recognized for the colorful scenes of rural Mississippi or children playing games from her childhood memories series. Lesser known, however, are Hamblett’s symbolic paintings inspired, in part, by the dreams and visions she experienced during her last 25 years. Theora Hamblett: Holy Symbols showcases a range of her paintings, drawings, and mosaics that depict the symbols that were so important to her and her faith.

Immaginazioni Fantastiche: The Ancient World of Piranesi

Print of Piranesi, the interior of the Basilica di S. Pietro in Vaicano

NOVEMBER 16, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

The Ancient World of Piranesi explores the 18th century etchings by Italian architect, archaeologist, and artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Using his unique genius and diverse skills he created fantastical Roman scenes that both inspired awe and assisted in his efforts to preserve and restore classical ruins.

Jacob Hashimoto

The Other Sun

The Other Sun by Jacob Hashimoto

The Other Sun

AUGUST 17, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 3, 2022

Closing Reception Fall 2022, Date TBD

Whether it be small intricate drawings or massive hovering forms consisting of thousands of kite-like discs, Jacob Hashimoto playfully balances the dichotomies he observes in landscapes and constructed virtual worlds. Exhibit is on view at both the University Museum and Rowan Oak.