Theora Hamblett: Holy Symbols

Butterfly With Exploded Wing, 1959, oil on canvas

Butterfly With Exploded Wing, 1959


JANUARY 2 – MAY 28, 2022

Theora Hamblett’s work is often recognized for the colorful scenes of rural Mississippi or children playing games from her childhood memories series. Lesser known, however, are Hamblett’s symbolic paintings inspired, in part, by the dreams and visions she experienced during her last 25 years. Theora Hamblett: Holy Symbols showcases a range of her paintings, drawings, and mosaics that depict the symbols that were so important to her and her faith.

Immaginazioni Fantastiche: The Ancient World of Piranesi

Print of Piranesi, the interior of the Basilica di S. Pietro in Vaicano

NOVEMBER 16, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

The Ancient World of Piranesi explores the 18th century etchings by Italian architect, archaeologist, and artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Using his unique genius and diverse skills he created fantastical Roman scenes that both inspired awe and assisted in his efforts to preserve and restore classical ruins.

Jacob Hashimoto

The Other Sun

The Other Sun by Jacob Hashimoto

The Other Sun


AUGUST 17, 2021 – AUGUST 20, 2022

Reception and Artist Lecture has been postponed until Spring 2022

Whether it be small intricate drawings or massive hovering forms consisting of thousands of kite-like discs, Jacob Hashimoto playfully balances the dichotomies he observes in landscapes and constructed virtual worlds. Exhibit is on view at both the University Museum and Rowan Oak.

The Tradition of African American Quilt-Making

Southern African American quilts are one of the purest forms of southern folk art. It is a craft handed down for generations, often done communally, that represents family, region, and the love of its maker/s. Born from necessity, where resources are limited, it is a way to reuse scraps of cloth. Although most quilters typically adhere to patterns, the competitive spirit of southern folk artists often sparked spontaneity, experimentation, and creative choices in color and print that manifested into individual artistic voices.