Passport to Art


Looking for fun, cultural experiences for your daycare students to enrich your programming?
The UM Museum offers our “Passport to Art” summer program to daycares for 8 weeks of 90 minute sessions at the Museum for children ages 3+ to see museum artifacts and create their own masterpieces.

Cost: $40 per student for the entire 8 week period
Maximum group size per visit time: 25 children
(Daycares can arrange different times in order to bring multiple classes)

Your Daycare provides:

  • Transportation to the Museum once a week for 8 weeks
  • Minimum 1 adult per 10 children (in accordance with your facility’s policies)
  • Payment for the program for all participants
  • Signed release

The UM Museum provides:

  • Tours and quality art programming by our museum education staff
  • Art materials for children to create unique masterpieces
  • A “passport” for each child to get stamped at each visit
  • A light snack for participants

2017 Passport to Art Lessons

  1. American Art at the Museum
  2. Central and South America
  3. Polar Exploration
  4. African Art
  5. European Masters
  6. Middle Eastern Art
  7. Asian Art
  8. Australia

Contact Kassidy Franz, at or 662-915-7205. to reserve this experience for your daycare students. Let us know what times/days of the week work best for your group and get excited for your grand adventure to begin this summer!

Unable to come for the full 8 weeks? We can work out alternative plans at $5 per week/student.